Why Most Doctor’s Websites Don’t Work


The process works like this:

FIRST: A potential new patient goes to Google and types in a keyword ( ie: plastic surgery )

NEXT: The visitor then clicks a link and goes to your website. If the visitor “likes” what they see they proceed. If the visitor “does not like” what they see, they hit the “back button” to return to Google.

FINALLY: If the visitor returns to Google, they will most likely NEVER visit your site again.

Let’s get straight to the point. Here are 7 things your website has to have to be successful.

A Great “LOOK” – People are visual creatures. The first impression is ALWAYS appearance. If your website looks unfinished, out-dated, boring, or broken your visitors will most likely hit that “back button” in less than 5 seconds. But, how can you tell if you have this problem? Most Doctors don’t think they have a problem with their website and then we dive into their Google Analytics and uncover the shocking truth. Google Analytics, when used properly, can show you in real-time if and where you have a problem.

Summary – Your homepage needs to have a very clear message about what it is that you do. If you are pushing a certain procedure ( ie: Body Contouring ) over something more general , you need to quickly get that message out in that critical first 5 seconds before that visitor moves on to your competition.

Address, Phone and Hours – Don’t frustrate the visitors that want to engage with your practice by making them hunt all over the place for your address, hours of operation and how to contact you. We’ve seen Doctor websites with this buried in the footer. Huge mistake.

Search – This isn’t 2003 when website visitors were simpleminded “hunt and clickers”. Just as you are busy, they are busy too. Adding “search” to a website does two things: First, it gives your visitor easy access to the information they desire. Second, it tells you what people are searching for so you can make changes to your website.

Google Analytics – Why anyone that wants to rank higher on Google doesn’t have Google Analytics installed is beyond me. Google Analytics is a free website statistic tool that provides amazing insight into how to convert website visitors into new patients. Sadly, most Doctors who have Google Analytics are only getting about 3% of its potential. If you are only using it to tell you how much traffic you are getting then you are missing out.

Basic SEO – Google takes into account many things when they choose how to rank your website. At the very least, your website should have a good on-site SEO foundation including keyword-rich title tags, meta information, alt tags on photos, and search engine friendly URLs. Make sure the keywords you choose are keywords that people actually search for.

Photos – Pictures that show results sell. New patients want results. If they can associate their situation with a before/after photo series on your website, they are much more likely to convert. Photo galleries are often the most viewed pages on a Doctor’s website.
If you need help with any or all of these critical steps, contact the professionals at YELLOW7 Medical. We will give you a free website analysis and at the very least you’ll walk away with some amazing advice about how best to market your practice.

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