Why Every Business Should Do ReMarketing

Why Every Business Should Do ReMarketing

First, what is remarketing? Here’s what Google says…

Remarketing lets you show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web.

When you use remarketing, you’ll tag pages of your site that correspond to certain categories you want to promote. For example, you could add a “TV” tag on all of the pages where you sell televisions. You can then create an AdWords campaign to show highly relevant messages (such as ads displaying a special offer on TVs) to people who’ve visited these pages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network.

So put simply, you get a second chance to make a first impression. This hasn’t always been the case in business. The rule of thumb has always been that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Through remarketing, you are appearing to a previous visitor again to reinforce your message to someone who’s already seen your brand. Done correctly, you can entice this potential customer back to your website to engage with them. People will come to your website in many different ways. Remarketing allows you to follow them through Google’s Network and give it one more shot to get them back.

Imagine if someone hit your site from a simple text ad. Then as they are browsing the internet, they constantly see a visual banner ad of what they just saw on your website. It’s branding. It’s awareness. Even if you do nothing else in Paid Search, you need to at least do Remarketing.

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