When Should You Go Mobile?


Every day new stats come out telling us why Mobile is here and here to stay. We get charts, graphs, blogs, news articles and other content that tells us where spending will be on Mobile in 2016. That’s great! However, when is the right time for YOUR business to go Mobile?

Below I’ve provided 7 things that will indicate your business is ready for mobile.

Your business is ready for mobile if:

1. Traffic from Mobile devices exceeds 15-20%.

2. All your Direct Competitors provide a Mobile experience.

3. Users have specifically asked you for a Mobile experience.

4. Your target audience are heavy Mobile users.

5. Your looking to engage Locally with your customers.

6. You wish to rank in Google’s Mobile Content Index. Different from regular organic Search.

7. You want to Play where your audience Plays. 93% of U.S. adults have a cell phone.

These are just a few reasons to go Mobile. If you are unsure about any of these reasons, give us a call for a Free Consultation/Analysis. We’ll help you determine if you’re ready for Mobile.