Customer Service, Be the Exception NOT the Standard


Doesn’t it feel like the standard in customer service is, “how quickly can we get you off the phone”? Or “We’ll do whatever we can to get you as a customer but once you are a customer, we no longer care.”

What’s even worse is that technology has taken the customer service experience to a whole new level with automated customer support.  I can’t tell you how many times I get an automated attendant and i’m screaming into the phone “REPRESENTATIVE.” Nothing can take the place of having a physical person on the line who can speak clearly. But everyone wants to move to this “easier for them more complex for us” model that clearly does nothing to improve customer service. All it does is create frustration and make us want to find other alternatives.

Don’t you hate it that AT&T runs these ridiculous specials to get new clients. But for us old, loyal, paying clients we have to wait 2 years and even then the deals are horrible. I pay a pretty hefty penny to AT&T for my cell and broadband services. Anytime I try calling for support it’s a hassle. Anytime I try and do anything, it’s a hassle. Don’t you think they could give preferential customer support based on how much you spend per month or how long you’ve been a customer.

It’s not just with AT&T either. It’s almost every business. I’ve walked into a Quizno’s before to find the manager with his head down on a table sleeping. My mail person got mad at me one time for parking in front of the mailbox. She said that they weren’t required to get out of their vehicles to deliver mail. OOOOOkay!

If companies would worry more about customer retention than acquisition we would all be better off. As for people and their jobs this is how I see it. If you don’t like your job, QUIT!!! I’m sure someone would be happy to have your job and would do it way better because they are just happy to be working. You’re not doing your employer, your customer or yourself any good by doing your job half way. Or by being mean and bitter about doing it.

Service with a smile is long gone!

Except of course with us here at YELLOW7.  :-)