7 Ways Doctors Get More Facebook “Likes”


First of all, why would a healthcare provider care about Facebook “Likes”? I mean, isn’t that just the online community for bettering your friend’s latest status update or bragging about your latest vacation? Yes it is…but for business-related purposes it can be used as an effective lead generation tool.

According to two different surveys ( Vitrue and Syncapse ) the value of a Facebook “LIKE” ranges from $3.60 to $136.38. That is a huge gap most likely due to varying abilities to convert “LIKES” into actual patients or customers. So, we all agree that a Facebook “LIKE” is a good thing…here are 7 ways to get more of them.

1. Better Designed Facebook Fan Landing Pages – A customized Facebook landing page can be designed to convert visitors into those that will “LIKE” your page. When they “LIKE” your page, their friends see that on their wall. Plus, as long as they “LIKE” you…you can market directly to them with no additional cost. Let’s say you’ve built up 3000 “LIKES”. When you add that new service, post a status message and your 3000 loyal fans are instantly notified.

2. Buy “LIKES” through Facebook’s Internal Advertising Platform – Just like Google, you can buy advertising space on Facebook. Only now instead of sending them to your website, send them to your Facebook Fan / Company page. Facebook will charge you considerably less ( $.25 – $.75 a click ) because you are keeping them on the Social Networking site.

3. Your Website – These days this should be a no-brainer. Put a link to every social website you have a presence on ( facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. ) on your website. This invites your customer’s to engage with your company and share with their friends.

4. Contests/Give-Aways – Incentivize your customers/patients to give you a “LIKE” in hopes of winning a prize or receiving a discount. Remember, a “LIKE” is valued on the low end at $3.60 so for every 100 “LIKES” that equates to over $350 in ad value.

5. Cross Promote – Maintaining a social presence on multiple sites gives you the opportunity to drive additional traffic from those sites ( ie: Twitter ) to your Facebook page. Don’t forget to promote and ask for a Facebook “LIKE” when using these other social networks.

6. Email Marketing – If you aren’t actively emailing prospective new patients, you need to get started now. Email remains the best converting method of all online advertising methods. Instead of using email to promote your practice/business, use it to solicit “LIKES”. Often this market will respond to some incentive or free service so keep that in mind.

7. Offline – In everything you do “offline”, point them you everything you do “online”. In-office print materials, signage, brochures, business cards, invoices, patient forms, etc. should all have the now familiar: “LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!”

Bonus Step: Set up a Kiosk – A kiosk is just a fancy word for a laptop or ipad connected to the Internet in your office. As patients approach the desk, ask them to “LIKE” you on Facebook. Tell them you frequently offer specials and discounts to Facebook Fans only!

Does all of this Social Marketing sound confusing? How do you set up a customized Facebook landing page? How do you advertise on Facebook for more “LIKES”? Hire an expert! Let YELLOW7 help you get the most out of your online advertising budget. We specialize in “all things online advertising” has to offer and we build custom marketing solutions for doctors, dentists, and professionals aimed at one thing only….getting you more patients!

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